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Oozoids (7.777 @ 0.05 ETH)

March 30


About Oozoids

According to the lore, the Oozoids are the results of splitting a giant ball of Ooze in 7.777 droplets of ooze, creating the Oozoids.

“In a place not bound by the arbitrary constraints of time and space a giant ball of Ooze existed. The birth of the metaverse sent a disruptive ripple throughout space splitting the giant ball into 7,777 droplets of ooze separating it far and wide across different universes and dimensions, each drop the start of an oozoid. The Oozoids grew up separated from each other learning, hanging out & trying to fit in with their surroundings. But they began to wonder, ARE there others out there like me?”

The team already revealed the Oozoids will be divided into 4 categories, depending on their rarity: Oddzoid, Weirdzoid, Ultrazoid, and Mystic Zoid.

Another thing we’ve noticed is the fact that the Oozoids are cultivating their audience to play games: It’s not only part of their roadmap, it’s also the key to getting into their secret discord.

We’d love to tell you how active they are on social media, and how engaged their community is … but it looks like they only posted giveaways and free mint challenges on their Twitter account in order to boost the project.

Oozoids team

The is founded by two Australians who have completely doxxed themselves in their discord.

  • Dieter Fisch: Artist and project creative
  • Josh Fry: Project Manager (in charge of Collabs, Twitter, Discord,..)
  • Ziggid: Technical aspects and Smart contract

What’s next on Oozoids roadmap?

According to their website, the Oozoids roadmap mainly contains some WEB2 perks:

  • Giveaways (ETH, Oozoids, Merch)
  • Community Stash (Sponsorships, Funding projects, Individual Grants)
  • Charity Events (Cystic Fibrosis, Environmental Charity)
  • Merch (Tshirt, Hoodies, Stickers)
  • Mini-Game (Weekly leaderboards and community challenges)

Oozoids mint details

  • Mint date: March 30th
  • Supply: 7.747
  • Mint Price: Ξ0.05

Connect with Oozoids

Oozoids Roadmap


March 30
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